Yokosuka Emergency Medical Care

This first stage of the Yokosuka Emergency Medical Care implemented the typical functions of Emergency Medical Care in the spirit of the CPaaS.io platform framework. The Yokosuka Emergency Medical Care use case aims to improve quality and efficiency of medical information sharing regarding emergency patients and to reduce time to start initial treatment after ambulance arrival.

The following modules based on CPaaS.io platform have been implemented:

  • ID management module – a module for ID management
  • Video transmission module – a module to send video in an ambulance to a doctor, see Figure 1
  • Position sharing module – a module to share the location of an ambulance between emergency crew members and doctors.

In order to validate the initial implementation, we used an existing package that operates on the implemented modules of the CPaaS.io platform.

Platform Integration

We have implemented the typical functions of Yokosuka Emergency Medical Care applications as well as the wrapper module to test the feasibility of the initial implementation, see Figure 2. The metadata integration has not yet been implemented in this stage. Before doing so, we need to fully examine the typical functions of the Yokosuka Emergency Medical Care applications.

Figure 1: Relaying the vital monitor inside the ambulance


Figure 2: Modules of the first prototype platform integration