Event Management – Tokyo Management of Service Vehicles

The first implementation of the Tokyo Management of Service Vehicles aims at delivering a primary framework of the building blocks for CPaaS.io applications.

The following modules underlying CPaaS.io platform have been implemented:

  • Id management module – a framework for id management
  • Mobility tracking module – a framework for mobility tracking
  • Wrapper module for persistent storage – a thin layer for accommodating a variety of persistent storage
  • Wrapper module for integration – thin layer for accommodating future integration

In order to validate the initial implementation, a small demo package that operates on the implemented modules of the CPaaS.io platform was used. Initial building blocks enable association of user identity and mobility tracking data.

Figure : Visualization of vehicle tracking in Tokyo using a demo module

Platform Integration

This first Implementation provides a basis of building blocks of the Tokyo Public Transportation applications as well as shows validation of the wrapper module’s feasibility. The metadata integration has not been implemented in this stage because of the necessity of examining the semantic descriptions of Tokyo Public Transportation applications.