Water Management

Extreme rainfall and periods of continued drought are occurring more and more often in urban areas. Because of the rainfall, peak pressure on a municipality’s sewerage infrastructure needs to be load balanced to prevent flooding of streets and basements. With drought, smart water management is required to allow for optimal availability of water, both underground as well as above ground.
The Things Network develops the Amsterdam Waterproof application, which is a software tool creating a network of smart, connected rain buffers, be it rain barrels, retention rooftops or buffer otherwise, that can be both monitored and controlled centrally by the water management authority. Third party hardware providers will connect their buffers to this tool for uplink and downlink data transmission. External data such as weather data and sewerage capacity are added, in order to calculate the optimal filling degree of each buffer and so operate a pump or valve in the device.

Data visualisation and a picture of the live deployment


Platform integration

The Things Network developed the platform in partnership with the FIWARE lab in The Netherlands, integrating The Things Network community network with the FIWARE Orion context broker.

A custom application receives data at the same time from the MQTT broker of the Things Network and through a HTTP endpoint. The data are then converted into the FIWARE NGSI-10 format by the application and then stored in the FIWARE Orion context broker. The application will also listen to any notifications from the context of the city it is responsible to manage (i.e., City representation in the FIWARE Orion context broker). When this notifications are orders to the water tanks, the application will translate them accordingly.