u2 Toolbox

Be sure to check out the 1-page flyer for the adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24 Smart City Toolbox, u2-based!

CPaaS.io u2 Architecture
CPaaS.io instantiation view based on u2 (click to enlarge)

This section presents the components that are part of the u2 Toolbox. During the project, existing and new components have been integrated into the Japanese instantiation of the CPaaS.io platform. Some of the existing components have been enhanced to address requirements needed by users and developers.

Below is a short overview of the components enhanced or newly developed by CPaaS.io:

Component Short Description
u2 Open Data Catalogue Provides an open data catalog function, managing meta data of open data on the basis of an RDF framework and a SPARQL-based API for each catalog entry.

  • Usage example: Open Data Portal of Yokosuka
  • Usage example: Open Data Portal of Sapporo
  • Open Data Drill Page (intended for the promotion of our open data platform to local governments in Japan)
kokosil Software package to provide information for visitors and tourists in towns, tourist spots, commercial facilities, museums, parks, exhibition venues, etc. as well as to residents. Easily customizable to city needs.
OPaaS.io General-purpose PDS (Personal Data Store) that uses the IoT technology. Also called “Omotenashi (hospitality) cloud“, it can be used to advance the hospitality service to the increasing number of overseas tourists who are expected to peak toward 2020 with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
ucR-Light uCR-Light is a federation layer API to exchange data across different CPaaS.io instances. Its syntax is based on JSON and RESTful protocol. Its semantics is ucR, i.e., ucode + RDF.
UTSignage UTsignage is a signage system that can customize the display based on the personal data of the user stored in the OPaaS.io cloud. It is built on top of uCR-Light and can use the data from remote CPaaS.io instance(s).
UTdashboard UTdashboard is a dashboard for monitoring IoT smart buildings built on top of the u2-based architecture. It has been created using ucR-Light, and can monitor Japanese and the EU smart buildings simultaneously./td>
Enhanced ucode BLE Standard specification of ucode tags using Bluetooth Low Energy as communication protocol, Enhanced by UTokyo to offer the proof of the location feature. For details see the specification document (in Japanese).


A further overview can also be found in the presentation from the final review meeting in February 2019: