Main Outcomes

The project has resulted in a set of conceptual outcomes, concrete tools and city deployments that will live on beyond the project, as shown in the figure below. The foundation for all results are a number of conceptual outcomes that are relevant for the platform as a whole and across the regions. The concepts are implemented using specific tools for the two implementation platforms, one for FIWARE-based implementations and one for u2-based implementations. A third toolbox contains instruments that make life easier for city planners. And finally, the project has resulted in concrete use case deployments in various cities in Japan and Europe, using the tools provided by the project. The outcomes are also described in detail in the project’s Final Report (Deliverable D8.4: Summary of Outcomes).

Separate flyers are also available for the 3 toolboxes:

Click on any of the boxes for more information.main outcomes

For an overview of the projects results, see also the overview presentation given at the final review meeting of the project in February 2019: