research leads to new NGSI to RDF Mapping Service

As part of the semantic integration layer in and with support of NEC, AGT International has developed a first version of a mapping service that persists IoT Broker updates in an RDF triple store. This enables the semantic integration between the European FIWARE-based and Japanese u2-based instance. It also provides a common semantic data integration layer for any other non-FIWARE based IoT Platforms. For instance AGT’s own IoTA platform offers via its World Graph a rich semantic representation of dynamic and complex physical environments. With the NGSI to RDF mapping service, IoTA is interoperable with the NGSI standard and FIWARE implementations. This opens up many opportunities to use IoTA for various applications where data is already available through FIWARE components. Technically the mapping service is realized by using the subscription capability of the IoT Broker: subscriptions define what data should be persisted to the triple store. Subscription notifications are sent to the actual mapping services that persists the data in a triple store. The figure below shows the high level functional architecture.

Utilizing the RDF engine, it is now easy combining contextualized IoT data with the results of AI processing engines, e.g., video-based observations. For example, when observing large sport event, relating the noise-level of hand clapping (captured by IoT devices) to the face expressing (captured by video analytics) enables a deeper understanding of the mood of the visitors.

High level functional architecture of the NGSI to RDF mapping service