City Stakeholders meet with Tokyo Governor

Before the official reception of this year’s TRON Show, the city stakeholders from Amsterdam, Murcia, Sapporo, Tokyo and Yokosuka had the opportunity to shortly meet with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Getting visibility at this high political level is certainly a boost to the project and its potential impact.

Ms. Koike also held a short speech at the reception, highlighting that Tokyo’s strategy entails to become 3 types of a city: A safe city (セーフ シティー) that prevents crimes and manages disasters well, a diverse city (ダイバーシティ) with equal opportunities for women and a good work-life balance for all, and a smart city (スマート シティ), that is open, internationally minded and saves natural resources.

Meeting with Tokyo Governor Koike City Stakeholders and Coordinators meet with Tokyo Governor Ms. Koike. From left to right: José Guillén (Murcia), Stephen D. Dukes (Chair of the New Standards Committee, IEEE SA), Stephan Haller (Coordinator, BFH), Tokyo Governor Ms Yuriko Koike, Joshua Serrão (Amsterdam), Ken Sakamura (Coordinator, YRP), Antonio Skarmeta (Murcia)
Reception Speech Ms Koike
Reception Speech of Tokyo Governor Ms Yuriko Koike