3rd City Stakeholder Workshop held at TRON Symposium 2018

Talk by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike

The City Stakeholder Board of the CPaaS.io project has been set up to get feedback on and validation of the project’s results from cities in Japan and Europe, as well as to foster an exchange of experiences and thus maximize the real-world impact of the project. We decided for the third City Stakeholder Workshop to look into the future and ask all stakeholders to elaborate on their future strategy. A special interest for us was how the past three years have influenced the cities’ strategies. Our last question was which public value is generated through the Smart City activities.

Smart City is an important topic for all stakeholder cities of CPaaS.io. This was exemplified by the fact that some very high-level politically responsible people attended the event, including Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and the Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta Germán.

The venue of the City Stakeholder workshop was again the TRON Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. Furthermore, we continued the work with the Open and Agile Smart Cities Initative (OASC) which started in an open workshop during IoT Week in Bilbao, Spain. This was in so far of high interest, as the head of OASC, Martin Brynskov, was presenting at the workshop initiatives like the World Economic Forum looking at Smart City Interoperability as well as the idea to create a Japan branch of the OASC.

Morning Session: Smart City Tokyo


  • Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo (slides, in Japanese)
  • Ken Sakamura, Chair of Roundtable for Tokyo ICT Infrastructure
  • Takahiro Matsushita, Deputy Director General, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (slides, in Japanese)
  • Kyoko Kubara, Deputy Director General for ICT Strategy, Bureau of General Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (slides, in Japanese)

Afternoon Session: CPaaS.io Smart City Stakeholders


  • Joshua Serrão, Innovation Officer, Chief Technology Office of Amsterdam (slides)
  • José Ballesta Germán, Mayor of Murcia, Spain (slides)
  • Antonio Skarmeta, Technical Coordinator for Smart City Murcia (slides)
  • Motoi Ichihashi, Director, ICT Strategy Promotion, City of Sapporo
  • Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Support for New Industry, City of Yokosuka
  • Benno Seiler, Head of Economic Development, responsible for drafting Zurich’s Smart City strategy (slides)
  • Martin Brynskov, Head of Open & Agile Smart Cities (slides)

Finally, a panel discussion with all speakers enforced several points. Cities are often following a line of development from the smart city experiments to larger, productive deployments events like moving from tourist and public transportation experiments to applications for the Tokyo Olympics. Here cities need to provide hospitality, security, and manage the problems associated with such events, e.g., waste, transport, and energy consumption. Other common focal points in Smart Cities are their harbours and airports. Most importantly, the cities follow common approaches based on a digital platform, Open Data and Open APIs. This allows to support a variety of applications based on a common infrastructure, such as the one provided by CPaaS.io.

Impressions from the sessions

José Ballesta Germán

Motoi Ichihashi
Motoi Ichihashi

Benno Seiler
Benno Seiler

Panel discussion
Panel discussion

CPaaS.io Theatre

Furthermore, the CPaaS.io project was prominently shown at the 2018 TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW) exhibit with a multi-media theatre using 5 coordinated projectors to present information about the 6 stakeholder cities and the implemented smart city use cases.

cpaasio-theatre-3 cpaasio-theatre-1
cpaasio-theatre-4 cpaasio-theatre-2

Short Video